Wednesday, 27 March 2013 15:20


Assalaamu'alaikum wbt. and warmest greetings

The world has accepted that university is a place where researchers have the freedom to discover novel knowledge and innovation for wealth creation. The intellectuality of academia in the university should in line with research activities and it gives an impact to the growth in teaching and learning.


Research excellent can be measured through high impact research throughout which include innovative research products, publications, award and recognition at the national and international level. Conducting research activities and managing research are two different challenging tasks. Realizing this issue, UTeM through the Center for Research Innovation Management (CRIM) has put high effort, dedication and enthusiasm in providing excellent services for researcher to excel in research. The six (6) Centers of Excellence (COE) have been established to quickly enhance the UTeM’s research culture by focusing on the university’s niche research area – Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing and Computing.

Highly demand on various aspect of research management information by researchers has become an indicators to CRIM to always be the pioneer, fast and efficient in exploring and distributing the latest research information to all researchers. We believe that the sincerity in achieving research excellence has motivated and given us strength to serve all researchers from every single aspect in research. To all researchers, do not miss the chances to grab all golden opportunities and be creative and innovative in generating and expanding the vast frontiers of knowledge. The true success only will be ours by accelerating an effective transformation in research management.