As a country aspires to move into a higher education quality, the University research activities become crucial. The country requires a strong technical-based university, as well as an excellent research and development to support its industrialisation drive. Realizing the solid impact to the country, the University established a central body, known as the Centre for Research and Innovation Management (CRIM), to effectively coordinate and promote all research activities and consultancies among the academic staff. The Centre plays the strategic roles in supporting and ensuring the championing research that molded under the University Thrust Areas.

As the research managing entity, CRIM is committed to managing the Research and Development funds received from both internal and external bodies. With the foremost experts supporting the various faculties in all aspects of their research, CRIM will continue stimulating growth and innovative thinking within the University research community.

CRIM also seeks out commercial applications for the products, services and technology the research produces. Aligned with the University aspires to be recognized internationally, CRIM is transferring research outcomes ensure positive impacts on culture and society, human health, the economy and environment. CRIM aims to build on individual and group excellence and to capitalize on University distinctive multi- and inter-diciplinary research strengths.