Vision & Mission


To Be One of The World-Leading Innovative and Creative Technical Universities.


UTeM is committed to pioneer and contribute towards the prosperity of the nation and the world by:

Ø   Promoting knowledge through innovative teaching and learning, research and technical scholarship;

Ø   Developing professional leaders with impeccable moral values;

Ø  Generating sustainable development through smart partnership with community and industry.

Theme for Research and Innovation

“Pioneering Future Technology”

Mission For Research And Innovation

To lead in the development of sustainable solutions and state of the art technologies for the future needs of industry and society, with the following desired results by 2020;

  1. High impact technical research
  2. High impact publications
  3. Indigenous new techniques in technologies
  4. Commercialization of innovative products
  5. Champions in niche Ty-Areas
  6. Reputable TyCoE
  7.  Spin-Off Ty-Companies