Division of Exhibition, Innovation & Commercialization

The Unit is responsible in managing and coordination commercialization activities.  Commercialisation of research is normally regarded as being the process of transforming ideas, research, innovation, knowledge, invention and creative work into greater wealth for individual, businesses and society at large, in terms of economic and social benefits. Its outcome is the conversions of such work into products and services for the consumers. It also represents as a vital contribution of modern economic growth and plays an important role in the university revenue generation. A range of mechanisms such as contracts, agreement, research, licensing, spin-off companies and joint ventures could be undertaken.

We are making a lot of effort to liaise with potential partners from the industries in taking up the research product and bringing it to the market.   The  Policy of Intellectual Property and Commercialisation” strongly encourages our researchers to conduct research that can solve industry problems, provide funding for patent filing and also provide support for technology licensing and other related commercialisation activities. We also have the publish directory of expertise that provide useful information of available expertise that can promote commercialisation initiatives through collaboration with potential partners from industries.

The Department is implementing University's policies on Research, Intellectual Property and Commercialization and thereby ensuring the intergrity of the research processes.


Coordinate commercialization activities with UTeM Holding Sdn Bhd
Organise seminars, trainings, workshops on IP and commercialization
Manage IP filing application
Manage proses and extension of IP maintenance
Participate in product dialog session organized between researchers and industry
Assist commercialize research products
Monitor MoA collaboration current progress
Prepare university commercialization activities reports
Handle application for attending conference and paperwork presentation as well as journal publication under research excellence program by academician using URIS
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