Why should I apply for IP Protection of my invention?
  • To avoid exploitation of the any kind of ideas either creative based or research based.
  • For business growth through licensing, commercialization, portray the image of your business and owned a valuable business assets
What are the criteria that my invention surely can be protected?
  Your invention must possess of these three basic criteria
  • Novelty
  • Inventive Steps
  • Industrial Applicable
What type of IPR is available for my invention?
  Within the engineering and technical scope, these are types of IPR that suit for your invention.
  • Patent:
    Exclusive rights granted to any individual who invent a new, useful and non-obvious process, machine, article of manufacture, or composition of matter. Is offers a new technical solution to a problem.   
    Period of validity: 20 years
  • Trade Mark: 
    Any distinctive sign that differentiate the business from others. 
    It could be any word, symbol, logo, sound, a combination of picture and word  which people may easily distinguish the goods / business in the market.
    Period of validity: 10 years
  • Copyright:
    Protection for any original work such as drawing, training module, book, software picture, article, music, film, web page etc.  Copyright is belongs to the creator for example a composer, script writer, artist, photographer, etcIn university scenario, any articles written by a researcher, the copyright holder will belong to the university.  If the article been published in other written medium such journal, the ownership is belongs to the journal’s publisher (based on the agreement). 
    Period of validity: Lifetime plus 50 years after his death
  • Industrial Design:
    An industrial design is the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an articleThe design may consist of three-dimensional features, such as the shape or surface of an article, or of two-dimensional features, such as patterns, lines or color.
    Period of validity: 15 years from the filing date
How to ensure that my invention is novel
  • Before doing any research on certain technology, a researcher must do prior art search at IP databases such as WIPO, EPO, and USPTO.
  • You may find some research output done by the earlier researcher of the same technology, invention or product by using several keywords.
  • This process will avoid patent infringement. 
  • You can see what other people across the world had developed.  From here you can analyze what are the latest technologies people are looking at.
If my application is approved by the University for filing, how can I check the latest status?
  • CRIM will send you a notification letter once approved by the committee. 
  • You will be directed to the appointed agent.  After searching and drafting steps is done, the agent will submit an application for filing to MYiPO. 
  • Upon pass the preliminary exam, MYiPO will provide PI number as a reference. You may check your latest status by using this number.  The substantive exam will take at least 3 years and may extend further depends on the complexity of the invention.
What are the associated legislative that regulate IPR activities in Malaysia
  • Patent Act 1983
  • Trade Marks Act 1976
  • Copyright Act 1987
  • Industrial Design Act 1996
  • Layout-Design of Integrated Circuits Act 2000
  • Intellectual Property Commercialisation Policy For Research and Development Projects Funded By The Government of Malaysia
  • UTeM Intellectual Property & Commercialisation Guidelines 2011
If I feel that my invention has potential to be commercialized, what should I do?
  First, you must have a prototype of your invention, find out relevant industry partner interested in the product, provide your business plan with details of market research study report, propose any pre-commercialization fund and contact CRIM for further discussion.
How to find potential industry partner?
  You can find any industry related in few ways:
  • Market needs analysis
  • Exhibition and competition (local / internationally)
  • Approach the specific industry personally
  • Through AIM (Agensi Inovasi Malaysia)
References: MYiPO, WIPO, USPTO, EPO