Focus Area


UTeM has identified critical FOCUSED areas that are the most important for the university’s unique strength. These few areas received special attention in terms of physical and human resources, funding and priority since they create the differentiation of the university’s standing. UTeM’s has chosen Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) as its niche area, which requires synergistic commitment of all faculties in UTeM and underpinned by four Thrust Areas as follows:

UTeM’s thrust areas are multidisciplinary in nature, which includes and draws on the strengths of existing faculties, research centres, institute and laboratories within the university. The university has adopted this strategic approach to take advantage of the interrelationship of research areas and disciplines and therefore capitalize on the four thrust areas in which the university has strategic advantages.

Research clusters under the thrust areas connect researchers with expertise in various disciplines in a university wide system with strategic industry partners and grant providers that break down traditional discipline boundaries. UTeM’s research clusters are therefore powerful centres of innovation and creativity, where alliance among teams of researchers from a wide range of disciplines ignites synergy and generating ideas that fuel the innovation necessary for knowledge creation.