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12th Malaysian Technical Universities Conference on Engineering and Technology (MUCET 2021):

Sustainable Engineering and Technology Towards IR 4.0

Editors-in-Chief: Zahriladha Zakaria, Saifudin Hafiz Yahaya, Anas Abdul Latif

Editors: Mohd Rody Mohamad Zin, Amrik Singh Phuman Singh, Mawarni Mohamed Yunus, Aminah Ahmad, Mohd Fauzi Ab Rahman

Published: 2022-08-31


Establishing Typical Range of Values and Comparison of DGA Methods in MATLAB for Transformer Population in Malaysia
N. I. Hassan, Y. X. Lee, M. A. Othman, M. A. Talib

Heart Rate Variability Measurement Using Data Acquisition (DAQ) Device
A.S. Sadun, N.A. Jalaludin, Juu S.C.,M.H. Azizan, N.A. Sabarudin, A.A. Hasnol Fadzil, N.I Musa

Performance Analysis of K-RLE Based Data Compression Algorithm for Internet of Things (IoT) Application
N. A. Khairi, A. B. Jambek

Sorting Mechanism using Artificial Intelligence for Chili Fertigation Industries
M. F. Abdul Aziz, W. M. Bukhari, M. N. Sukhaimie, T.A. Izzuddin, M.A. Norasikin, A. F. .A. Rasid, N. F. Bazilah

Design and Analysis of IoT-Based Wireless Healthcare Monitoring System
M. S. I. M. Zin, M. A. K. Mustafah, F. Arith, A. A. M. Isa, L. Barukang

A Review: Design and Development of Single and Multi Band Ring Resonator Matched Band-stop Filter
N. S. Nordin, B. H. Ahmad, M. K. Zahari, N. A. Mansor, M. S. A. Razak, S. H. A. Halim, N. I. Ismail, A. A. Khalid

The Development of Vivaldi Antenna at 12 GHz for Communication Application
Mohamad Harris Misran, Maizatul Alice Meor Said, Azahari Salleh, Ridza Azri Ramlee

Laser Line Profile Recognition Using Canny Edge Detector with Haralicks Facet Model
O.A.A.M. Naji, H.N.M. Shah, N.S.N. Anwar.

Effect of magnetic pitch, τm to the slot type linear oscillatory actuator thrust characteristics
F. Azhar, Yaseen Al-Baiyaa Hasan, N. A Mohd Nasir, R.N Firdaus

Thrust Verification of the Segmented-type Switched Reluctance Linear Synchronous Motor (SSRLSM)
N.A. Mohd Nasir, F. Azhar, R.N Firdaus Kashfi, M.Z. Nor Aishah

Real Time Accident Alert System Through Internet of Thing (IoT)
N. A. Hamid, M. S. Raj, M. Ibrahim

High Gain Design of Yagi Uda Antenna
MA Meor Said, MH Misran

Design of Microstrip Yagi Antenna at 5 GHz for Wi-Fi Application
MA Meor Said, MH Misran

Implementation of ertms system for Malaysian rail network – an introduction
S.V. Permalu, K. Nagarajoo

Analysis of the heat sink effect on parasitic resistances of photovoltaic modules based on inverse slope method
E.Z. Ahmad, K. Sopian, A.Fazlizan, H. Jarimi, A. Ibrahim

Position Tracking Performance with Fine-Tuned Ziegler-Nichols PID Controller for Hydraulic Actuator Model
Tan, T.P., Ghazali, R., Soon, C.C., Ghani, M.F., and Chai, M.S.

A study of lambda (λ) tuning approach of Single Input Fuzzy Logic (SIFLC) for Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) depth control
Fauzal Naim Zohedi, Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras, Hyreil Anuar Kasdirin

Enhancement Of Transient Response Properties of A Servo Pneumatic Actuator Via Proportional-Integral (Pi) Controller Embedded With Pole Placement
K.N. Kamaludin, L. Abdullah, S.N.S. Salim, Z. Jamaludin, M.F. Rahmat, M.N. Maslan

Analysis of Spectrum Holes and Power Allocation using Water Filling Model for Underlay Cognitive Radio
N.S.Hamdan, M.H.Mohamad, N.E.Samad, S.R.Ab Rashid

Overview of Wearable and Flexible Rectenna Design for Energy Harvesting
S. N. I. Abdullah, M.M. Ismail, A.S Mohamad Shokri

Enhancement of smart street light monitoring system based on LoRa technology
A.M. Darsono, L. S. Lian, N.Z. Hashim

Agri-Snap: Designing Portable IoT Weather Monitoring System to Improve Farmer’s Acceptance Towards Using IoT Technology on The Farm
S.A.B Anas, R.S.S Singh, K.F.Samat, A.F.T Ibrahim

The Effect of Economic Benefits in Pool Based Market Model
Norain Sahari, Zuraidah Ngadiron, M. Y. Hassan, Firdaus Idris

Cavity-backed annular slot antenna analysis for bone fracture healing stages
T. Selvaraji, N. B. Asan

Smart Security System for Motorcycle Utilizing RFID with Apps
Z,Jano, A.S. Mohamad Syokri

Design and Development of Visitor Dropbox (VDB) System
Luqmanul Hakim Bin Yahya, Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras, Mohd Bazli Bahar, Fauzal Naim Zohedi, Mohamad Haniff Harun, Fadilah Abdul Azis

BCM-CPC Flyback Micro-inverter for Grid-connected Photovoltaic Application
Muhamad Faizal Yaakub, Mohd Amran Mohd Radzi, Maaspaliza Asri, Faridah Hanim Mohd Noh, Auzani Jidin, Mohd Zulkifli Ramli

Smart Energy Meter Based On Internet of Things (IoT)
Nur Atiqah Abd Razak, R. A. Ramlee, A.F.T.Ibrahim, ASF Rahman, A. Khmag

Overvoltage and Undervoltage Protection in DC Power Supply System
Muhammad Syafiq Hadi, Maaspaliza Azri, R.N. Firdaus

Allocation of Shared Energy Storage Units for Malaysian Residential Network with Rooftop PVs
Hasan Alawami, Junainah Sardi, Chin Kim Gan

Assessment on Potential Energy Storage Technologies for Urban Rail Transportation Systems
Muhammad Nizam Indrawaty, Adlan Ali, Mimi Faisyalini Ramli

Assessment of Rapid Power Factor Compensation for High Speed Rail to Power System Stability using PowerWorld Software
Auni Najihah Mohamed Ghazali, Adlan Ali, Mimi Faisyalini Ramli

Adapted Semiglobal Dynamic Cost Volume Solution for Stereo Matching Framework
A. F. Kadmin, R. A. Hamzah, M. N. Abd Manap, M. S. Hamid, S. F. Abd Gani, K. A. A. Aziz

Development of Three Phase Grid Connected Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement
Azziddin M. Razali, Nor Afifah Md Noh, Nor Azizah Yusoff, Aslinda Hassan

Carrier-based modulation for NPC inverter in dual-inverter supply configuration
M. F. Ya’kob, F. Patkar

Self-charging Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) System Using Inductive Approach
Yusmarnita Yusop, Y.Q Cheok, K.C Wong, Huzaimah Husin, Shakir Saat

Review on the Innovation of Rain Gauge as Rainfall Measurement Tools
N.A. M. Aris, C. K. Tan, U. M. Ghazali, N. N. H. Tajuddin

Low Power Consumption in Symmetric DG Junctionless MOSFET Device with High-K Material Gate Spacer
Ehab F. Hadi, Ameer F.Roslan, F.Salehuddin, A.S.M.Zain, K.E.Kaharudin, Afifah Maheran A.H., A.R.Hanim, H.Hazura, S.K.Idris, I.Ahmad

Statistical Assessment of Positive Narrow Bipolar Pulse Under The Influence Of Southwest Monsoon
I.N.A. Daud, Z.A. Baharudin, G.C. Kim, M. Zainon

Study of Dielectric Strength on a Blends of Mineral and Natural Ester Insulating Oil
Sharin Ab Ghani, Mohd Shahril Ahmad Khiar, Imran Sutan Chairul, Ahmad Firdaus Hashim, and Syahrun Nizam Md Arshad@Hashim

Simpson’s rule digital LPF design for harmonic current filtering
Y. Yusof, N. H. Effendi, R. Za’im

Characterize The Most Significant Pulse Of Preliminary Breakdown Pulse Train Of Negative Cloud-To-Ground Flash In Melaka, Malaysia
I.N.A. Daud, Z.A. Baharudin, K.A. Ibrahim, N.A.A. Aziz, M.A.M. Hanafiah, A.I.A. Rahman

DC Motors in Automotive Equipment: Applications and Challenges
M. N. A. Zulkafli, M. A. H. Rasid

Sustainable approach for building energy optimization based on occupant’s behavior
N.A. Ramli, L.J. Awalin, M.F. Abdul Hamid

Recent Progress in the Development of Photovoltaic Module Mismatch Mitigation Techniques
M.S. Jadin, A. Ahmad, A. M. Mousay, W. J. Lee

Solar-Powered Precision Irrigation System for Palm-Oil Pre-Nursery Plantation
Roshahliza M Ramli, Mortaza Mohamed, Joharizal Johari, Nik Rauzi Che Ya @ Nik Halim, Md Alif Firhan Mat Ariffin

Ammonia Leakage Preventive and Monitoring System 
M.Y.W Wan-Tzu, M.A. Remali, M.F. Abd-Roup N. Sulaiman

Effect of Reliability Input Value towards Monte Carlo Simulation Convergence
N.N.R. Roslan, N.F.M Fauzi, M.I.M Ridzuan

Foot Pressure Monitoring Device Based on Optical Fiber 
R. Adzemin, M. A. Zawawi, E. B. Ahmad Tamizi

Morphology and structural properties of titanium dioxide nanorods array prepared via hydrothermal method with various amount of precursor
S. M. Mokhtar, M. K. Ahmad, N.M.A.N. Ismail, N.H.A. Rahman, C.F. Soon, M. Shimomura

The effect of weave patterns on tensile and hemisphere tests of a hybrid Kevlar/jute fiber reinforced composite
M.H. Amirhafizan, M.Y. Yuhazri, M.I. Ihsan, M.Y. Yahya, M.S. Risby, A.R. Azrin

Experimental investigation of Dirt Deposition Effects on Temperatures across Automobile Radiator
M.H.M Hanafi, N.K.H.M Nazri, F.Shikh Anuar, N.H.M. Zini, M.N.A. Saadun

Recycled Thermoplastic Concrete Aggregates from Water-Assisted Compounding: A Short Review
Anis Aqilah Abd Ghani, Noraiham Mohamad, Muhammad Arif Afif Amran, Jeefferie Abd Razak, Raja Izamshah Raja Abdullah, Mohd Amran Mohd Ali, Mazlin Aida Mahamood, Se Sian Meng

Analytical versus optimization PID Tuning for Electronic Wedge Brake Clamping Force Control
Mohd Hanif Che Hasan, Mohd Khair Hassan, Fauzi Ahmad, Sharil Izwan Haris

Implementation Of Analytic Hierarchy Process to Determine the Optimal FDM Process Parameters
S. Harhara & S. Maidin

Evaluation of FSW parameters on appearance and strength of AA 6061
M.H. Osman, T. Norfauzi, U.A.A. Azlan, M.A. Amran, M.B. Ali

Water Solubility of TPCS reinforced OPEFB Fiber Composite
M.K. Shari, H.Z. Nazri1, A.M. Saad, M.A. Shaharuzaman, N.R. Izamuddin

Simulation of adaptive cruise control for autonomous vehicle using throttle by wire and electronic wedge brake
Muhammad Shukri Azizi Razak, Fauzi Ahmad, Mohd Azman Abdullah

Modelling and verification of two-axle tractor ride model
M. Hafizharun, F. Ahmad, M.Z.A. Manaf, N.R.M. Nuri, A.Z.H.C. Mamat

Synthesis of Thermoelectric Carbon Black-Bismuth Telluride Nanocomposite Film by Electrochemical Deposition
K.F. Samat, M.A. Alias, N.V. Toan, M.S.M. Suan, R.F.B. Munawar, S.A. Anas, M.A. Azam, T. Ono

Multi-Item Replenishment Model for An Inventory Management System
I. Ur Rahman, M.R. Salleh, E. Mohamad, M.A. Abd Rahman, and S.R.A.J Syed Mohd Aris

Bonding strength of annealed aluminum substrate deposited TiO2 coating by cold spraying process
N.Omar,Y.Yusuf, N.Mustafa, R.Abdullah, T.A.Rahim

Analytical and computational sliding wear prediction of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene UHMWPE in block-on-ring (BOR) tribometer
M.S. Hussin , S. Hamat, P. A. Kelly, J. W. Fernandez, M.Ramezani, K. Pranesh ,H.Y Lau

A Bibliometric Analysis of Vegetable Oil-Based Plasticizer Application in Conventional PLA and PVC Plastics
Anis Ainaa Omar, Mohd Hafidzal Mohd Hanafi, Nurul Hanim Razak, Asriana Ibrahim, Nurul Afwanisa’ Ab Razak

Optimization of Cloth Drying Rack Design Through Integrated QFD and AHP Concept
Hung, Yu-Ching, Lee, Yann-Long, Kamarul Bin Amir Mohamed

Obstacle Avoidance and Guidance Algorithm for Mobile Robot with Shared Control
T.A. Izzuddin, W.M. Bukhari, Z.M. Sani, M.A.Norasikin, A.F.A. Rasid, N.F. Bazilah

Stress analysis of a portable oil spill skimmer frame for oil spills response and recovery (OSRR) activities
L. Abdullah, M.N. Maslan, Z. Jamaludin, M. Mat Ali, K.F. Samat, M.S. Noorazizi, M.S. Syed Mohamed, R. Zamri, M.H.F.M. Fauadi

An opportunity of Maynard Operation Sequence Technique for autonomous productivity in agriculture
Nur Farah Bazilah Wakhi Anuar, Shurein Arumugam, Wan Mohd Bukhari Wan Daud, Ahmad Fuad Abdul Rasid

Experimental Study on Die Shoulder Patterning Method (DSPM) To Reduce Springback of U-bending Hat-Shape Part
N.J. Baharuddin, A.R. Abdul Manaf, A.S. Jamaludin

Effect of Laser Power and Scanning Speed on the Surface Characteristics of Ceramic Tile
A.B. Hadzley, M.N. Hisham, M.A. Basri, H. Hadyan and M.R. Fairuz

Thermal performance of heat sink under natural convection: Effect of fin volume distribution
S.Y. Cheng, Y.S. Yeow

Effect of afterbody rounding and rear spoiler on the aerodynamic performance of a hatchback vehicle
S.Y. Cheng, Y.P. Fong

Development of a mobile wheelchair lift for a high-floor bus
M.A.A. Abdul Nasir, S.A. Shamsudin, M.N. Sudin, R. Mat Dan, S. Zakaria, S.G. Herawan

Fin geometry effect on the thermal performance of radial heat sink under natural convection
S.Y. Cheng, W.T. Hor

Design of Fertigation Control System based on Fuzzy Logic Algorithm
A.N. Hanafi, N.S. Lai

Stress and deformation analysis of single actuator double acting electro-mechanical CVT Pulley
N.R.M. Nuri, L. Shadishkumar M.H.A Rahman, K.A.A. Aziz

Effect of water ageing on fatigue hysteresis of rubberwood reinforced recycled polypropylene composites
Z. Mustafa, T.M.I. Nawi, A.R. Jeefferie, S. D. Malingam, M.R.Mansor, T. Ratanawilai

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Removal: A Bibliometric Analysis
Nurul Afwanisa’ Ab Razak, Mohd Hafidzal Mohd Hanafi, Nurul Hanim Razak, Asriana Ibrahim, Anis Ainaa Omar

Noise Assessment: A Case for An Automotive Manufacturer
Al Amin Mohamed Sultan, Sayed Kushairi Sayed Nordin, Darrenveer Singh Gill, Mohd Shahrizan Othman, Siti Nur Adibah Ithnin

Optimum system identification incorporating mating technique in genetic algorithm
F.A. Zainuddin, M. F. Abd Samad

Optimization of a mobile robot path for obstacle avoidance based on genetic algorithm
Mohd Zarifitri Kasim Hawari, Nur Ilyana Anwar Apandi

Classification of Thrips-infected Chili Plant Using Image Processing on Embedded System
M.H. Almaswari, N.Nordin and Mariam Md Ghazaly

Effect of different PLA filament colours and process parameters towards the tensile strength of 3D printed parts
R.A. Hamid, N. K. Marnyi, F.H. Hamezah, T. Ito, and S.B. Linke

Influence Of Different Ratio Of Food Waste And Cow Dung For Biogas
T.R.T. Yusof, N.M. Ghazi.

Characteristics of coconut shell reinforced thermoplastic composite: thermal, mechanical and morphology properties
Mohd Nazri bin Ahmad, Muhammad Nazrin Puasa

Design and analysis of a wheeled type robot prototype for uneven terrain
Mariam Md Ghazaly, Muhammad Syakir Muhaimin Mohd Shkuri, Zulkeflee Abdullah, Nurdiana Nordin, Shin Horng Chong, Norhaslinda Hasim.

Design and analysis of a lower body exoskeleton for rehabilitation
Mariam Md Ghazaly, Chih Chien Tan, Zulkeflee Abdullah, Nurdiana Nordin, Shin Horng Chong, Norhaslinda Hasim

Image stitching for 360-degrees artificial view of chili plant using embedded system
Yong Wen Xin, N. Nordin and Mariam Md Ghazaly

Investigation on performance of waste cooking oil with turpentine oil as an additives in diesel engine
Norliyana Izzati Zulkifli, Daing Nafiz, A. F. Yusop, Syazwana Sapee

Development of Small-Scale Wind Tunnel for Flow Visualization and Thermal-Fluid Experiments
K.A. Mustapha, F. Shikh Anuar, F.A.Z. Mohd Sa’at, E. Mat Tokit, N.H.M. Zini, T. Boon Tuan,

Review on application of heavy lift drone for agriculture 
N. M. Azrin, Daing Nafiz, S. A. Che Ghani, A. F. Yusop.

Winding Tension Control System Using PID-PLC Mechanism
M.R.M Nawawi, M.Y. Lada, S.M. Shah, Nurkhuratul Aini Kamarudzaman, S.H. Chong

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) Components and Potential: A Review
M.A. Muhammed Nor, A.F. Yusop, M.A. Hamidi, M.N. Omar, N.A. Abdul Hamid, W.M. Wan Mohamed

Surface Roughness Optimization in Turning of Hypereutectic A390 Al-Si Alloy Under Dry Machining 
M.R. Nadirah, A.H. Musfirah

The effect of waist movement on golf putting outcome
O.L. Siang, A.R. Abas and M.N Omar.

PSO-LFDE Algorithm on Constrained Real-Parameter Optimisation Test Functions
N. M. Yahya, N. I. M. Azmi

Elastic Behavior of Various Flexure Bearing Materials for the Application of Free-Piston Engine Generator
M.R. Hanipah, S. Mansor, M.M. Rashidi, F.R.M. Romlay, A.R. Razali.

The Multilayer EPS Foam Configuration for Amphibian Aircraft Passive Absorber
A.M. Kamarul, Y. Xu, A. Lewis, M.S.A. Majid , M.Y. Yuhazri, L.K.M. Brenda

XFEM Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Beam with FRP Rebars 
H. Ahmad, N.M. Noor

Household food waste management through Smart Compost Bin (SaCoB)
Irnis Azura Zakarya, Nor Anis Nadhirah Md Nasir, Saadi Ahmad Kamaruddin, Mohammad Rizam Che Beson

IR 4.0 Technology Implementation for Safety Management in Construction Industry
Sali Amirah Razali and Narimah Kasim

Preparation and Characterization of Roof Tile Waste for Internal Curing Agent in Green Concrete
W.A. Shafiz, J.M. Juoi , Z.M. Rosli, Noor Suraya Umar

A Review on The Effect of Reinforcement on Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint Behavior
B. A. Solahuddin

Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint: A Review
B. A. Solahuddin

Testing ArcSWAT Global Database Application in Simulating the Streamflow Hydrograph for the Langat River Basin
J.I.A. Gisen, S. Misbari, S.B. Lim

Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among administrative staff at the healthcare office during COVID-19 pandemic
F.N.M. Radzi, N.A.A. Jalil, M.A. Adman

Comparative study of Dendrocalamus Asper subjected to long term submergence and treated methods
A.A. Shamilah, M. I. Nor Afiq, A.R. Mustaqqim, B.N. Faizah

A study on water quality from Langat River Selangor using QUAL2K
M.A.A. Rozli, N.A. Lutpi, , A.H. Ibrahim, Y.S. Wong, M.A. Malek

The Utilization of Kenaf Fiber as a Sustainable Stabilizer for Soft Marine Soils
N. F Bawadi, N. S Johan, A. F Mansor, M Nujid, M Ab Rahim1, S Anudai

A review on the effects of ceramic waste into concrete composition
Izzati Abdul Manaf, Noraini Marsi and Efil Yusrianto

Thickness Measurement And Bursting Strength Analysis Of Geotextiles From Ldpe Plastic Waste
Noraini Marsi, Erra Saffirra, Anika Zafiah Mohd Rus, Abdul Mutalib Leman, Salwa Mahmood and Mohd Ridzuan Mohd Jamir

Utilization Of Insulation Foam Based On Hdpe Plastic Waste As Sound Abdorption Properties
Noraini Binti Marsi And Mohmad Sahril Bin Md Sah

Investigating the Awareness and Application of Sustainable Construction Concept in Construction Industry
Nureen Syahirah Mustafa, Wan-Mohd-Sabki Wan Omar

Key challenges to environmental management plan implementation at construction sites
Asri S. Asnor, Rahimi A. Rahman, Saffuan W. Ahmad

A Short Review on Oil Palm Shell (OPS) as Pozzolan Material in Concrete
S. Shuhaimi, A.A. Aziz, R. Embong, A. Kusbiantoro

Investigation on the effect of steel slag as cement replacement material on mechanical properties of mortar
X.F. Li, S.I. Doh, C.M. Ho, S. C. Chin, B.W. Chong

Study on air quality and trace metal contents in mangrove wood charcoal and coconut shell charcoal products during barbequing
N.F.M. Yunus, J. Thorairajoo, N.M. Mokhtar

A Review: The Impact of Waste On Cost Overrun in Construction Projects
A.M. Faten Albtoush, Omar Jamaludin, S. Mohd Syamsyul Hairi, J.A.A. Albtoosh, A.K.A Mohammed Al-Btoush

Mechanical and Water Absorption Properties of Cement Mortar Incorporating Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag as Fine Aggregate
S.I. Doh ,C. M Ho, S. C. Chin, G.Q. Jing, X.F. Li

A Review of an Investigation of Prefabricated Hybrid Fibre Concrete Panel (FCP) For Industrialised Building System Tank
MA Azizan N.Z.Noriman, N. Ishak, H Desa, ZM Razlan

Implementation of Intz Water Tank in Malaysia Water Supply
MA Azizan, N.Z.Noriman, N. Ishak, H Desa, ZM Razlan

Fragility Curves Of The Regular And Irregular Shape Of Buildings Based On Static Pushover Analysis
N.z.n. Azizan, A. S. Wei, R. M. K. Tahara

Sugar Cane Bagasse Ash And Coconut Shell As Aggregate Replacement
Mustaqqim Abdul Rahim, Shao-Wen Cheah, Afizah Ayob, Nor Faizah Bawadi, Norlia Mohamad Ibrahim, Shamilah Anudai@Anuar, Shahiron Shahidan

Physical Appearance of Cold-Bonded Lightweight Aggregate Produced From Incineration Ash
N.M. Ibrahim, R.C. Amat, N.L. Rahim, M.A. Rahim, I.A. Zakarya, M.F.A. Jalil

Strength Predictions of RC Beam with Various Percentages of Tension Reinforcements
H. Ahmad, Z. Omar, K.Supar, N.Y. Zainun

A critical review on mechanical and durability properties of concrete containing fly ash and waste glass as partial replacement of cement and sand
Q.Y. Lim, Z. Jamellodin, R. Hamdan

Eutrophic mapping in Parit Rasipan Drainage System by Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
M.S. Miswan, R. Hamdan, N. A.A. Aziz

Investigation of Noise Compliance Towards Buffer Zone at UTHM Pagoh’s Residential College
M. A. M. Azmi, M. J. S. Jefrry, M. S. S. Azwan, R. A. Q. C. Azlan, N. B. Hamid, M. Mokhtar, S. Shahidan , S. S. M. Zuki

The Impact of Family-friendly Workplaces on the Retention of Employee
M.F.M. Sam, A.F. Ismail, L.W. Shuang, B. Suprapto

Instructional Design & Development for Computer Aided Design Programming through Problem-Based Learning
Z.I. Zulkifli, S.C. Johnson Lim

Factors Concerning Social Media Marketing Among Selected Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (Msmes)
AFMF Ismail, M.F.M. Sam, T.S. Yong

An Interactive Data Analytics and Visualization Web-App for Rapid Statistical Process Control Analysis
D.D. Subramaniam, S.C. Johnson Lim

Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (Fuzzy AHP) application for inspection mechanisms selection towards automated inspection system development: a case study
K. Purushothaman, R. Ahmad

Managing manufacturing complexity and sustainability: A fuzzy AHP approach
M.N.H.M. Rosdi, W.H.W. Mahmood, M.R. Muhamad, S.R. Kamat,

Investigating Performance Appraisal Bias Among Teachers
Mohd Fitri Mansor, Yumna Hasbullah, Muhammad Asyraf Mohd Kassim, Noor Hidayah Abu

Factors affecting driving anger, aggressive driving, and road accident proneness: An analysis based on partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) approach
M. A. M. Kassim, S. A. Hanan, M. S. Abdullah, M. F. Mansor, W. M. W. Mustafa.

The Design and Development of Multimedia Interactive Social Skills Module (MISSM) Application
Z. Ibrahim, M. Alias, R. Roslan, N. Kassim, M. Juliana, I. A. Bahrudin.

A conceptualization of Tactile Cathode Ray Oscilloscope in Learning Electronics via 3D Printing Approach
M.F.A.M Nor’Azam, W. K. Ziad, H. Kaco & M.S. Sajab

S.A.Q RPG (Sejarah Awesome Quest Role-Playing Game): History Subject Educational Game for Young Learner
N.I.S Ramli, S.I. Hisham, D. Nincarean

Effect of dimensions of customer experience on revisit intention of Malaysian Escape Room players
Q.P. Lim, M.R. Darun, G. Nawanir

The impact of financial literacy on finance and economy: A literature review
M. Bunyamin, N.B.A. Wahab

Modeling Motorcyclists’ Involvement in Road Accidents: The Mediating Effect of Mindfulness
A. H. Amiruddin, M. A. M. Kassim, S. A. Hanan, M. S. Abdullah

A case study of learners’ perspectives on ePortfolios as a learning tool in a Technical University
Linda Khoo Mei Sui, Hoo Chai Sing, B. Subakrishnan, S. Indradevi, Fam Soo Fen

Entrepreneurial mindset among TVET students
A.B. Kamarudin, I. Albert Feisal, M.S. Mohd. Fazli, Q. Muhammad Imran

The Role of Big Data and Predictive Analytics Capabilities in Supply Chain Management: The Perspective of Malaysia Manufacturing Firm
K.L. Lee, C.P. Lim

The barriers of implementing green product design in the Malaysian manufacturing industry
Muhammad Fakhrul Yusuf, Rashidah Ramle, Muhammad Zaim Samsubahar

Fostering Creativity Through Makerspace: A Review from The Industrial Design Perspective
A.F. Kamaruzaman, A.R. Ismail, K.A.M. Daud

Barriers to implementation of Sustainable Construction in Penang Construction Industry
M.F Omar, F.A Ibrahim

Assessment Practices in Competency-Based Education in Pendidikan Asas Vokasional (PAV) Program at Malaysia Lower Secondary School
M.H.M. Hisham, N. I. Azmi

A Review of Service Quality in Muslim Friendly Private Hospitals
N.A.I Azman, Nurulizwa Rashid, Samer Ali Al Shami, N.Ismail

Literature review of CBBE model and new research agenda in Halal Hotel
Azmira Adnan, Nurulizwa Rashid, Samer Ali Al Shami, Nzarirah Nizam

Orang Asli Kuala Boh Capabilitites Development In Sustainable Eco-Tourism
F.D. Abu Bakar, R. Roddin, T.I.A. Ahmad Hariri, Y. Yusof, M.I. Mukhtar

Exploring Students’ Conceptual Change Through Abductive Inquiry: A Fun Science Experiment
Kamal Ruzaman.N

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnancy among Women in Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan, Pahang
R. Nornadirah, A.G Radiah, I.H.A Irfan

Determinants of conflict in organization: a study of beverages industry
Mohd Fitri Mansor, Asma Farhana Zakaria, Noor Hidayah Abu, Khairun Nisa’ Khairuddin

Co-worker Support as a Catalyst in Strengthening Employee Relations: A Study from Human Resource Practitioners’ Perspectives
Khairun Nisa Khairuddin, Ummi Naiemah Saraih, Mohd Fitri Mansor

Investigation on Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) Environment in Transformational Leadership
N. Nordin, S.I. Saadon, U.N. Saraih, M.F. Noor Azhar, M.A. Kassim, M.F. Mansor, H. Hayat

Turnover Intention in the ICT Industry: The Impact of Organisational Justice and Perceived Organisational Support
C.S. Lim, U. N. Saraih, N. Nordin, M. A. Mohd Kassim, S. Julinawati, Syarifa Hanoum

Success of the Cosmetics Entrepreneurs in the Perspectives of Career Commitment and Career Aspiration
T. A. Sangosanya, U.N. Saraih, N. Nordin, M.A. Mohd Kassim, J.A. Odugbesan, L. Aureliano-Silva

A Study on Acceptance of Internet Banking: Validation using Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)
N. Nordin, M.S.I. Saadon, U.N. Saraih, L. K. Loon, M.A. Kassim, H.A. Rahim, J. Suanda, M.I.F. Shaharuddin, N. Kamaruddin, E.V. M. Isa, H. Hayat

A Conceptual Framework for Safety Performance Effectiveness: The Influence of Management Commitment, Safety Training and Safety Communication in Malaysian Manufacturing Industry.
M. A. M Kassim, N. A. M. Jumri, M. S. Abdullah, U. N. Saraih, N. Nordin

Management Commitment, Safety Training, Safety Communication and Safety Performance among Manufacturing Employees in Malaysia
M. A. M Kassim, N. A. M. Jumri, M. S. Abdullah, U. N. Saraih, N. Nordin.

Exploring Potential Success Criteria for Project Performance: Klang Valley Construction Project
M.H.I. Abd Rahim, C.W. Hong, Toh Tien Chien, Narimah Kasim & Sulzakimin Mohamed

Acceptance level towards smart home concept application amongst property developers in Malaysia
M.Y. Azlina , M. Haidaliza, M. Mohd. Asrul Nasid, S. Haryati, Y. Mohd. Yamani, M.S. Edie Ezwan.

Determining the level of beneficiaries’ involvement in resource mobilisation for post disaster housing reconstruction
A.A. Adaji, Sulzakimin. M, Masrom M A N , Seow T W, Goh K, Abd Rahim M H.

Yemen’s Economic Development and the Role of Road Infrastructure
M.Basel, Goh K, Masrom M A N, Seow T W, Sulzakimin. M.

Designing an innovative risk management model for refurbishment commercial building projects
M. Md. Asrul Nasid, M. Sulzakimin, M.Y. Azlina, K.C. Goh, T.W. Seow, T.C. Toh

Awareness of e-waste among youth in Malaysia
M. Mohamad, A.J. Omar, A. Mohamad

Communication Skills Among Hospitality Students Case Study from Polytechnic
Ahmad, N. A, Tukiran, N. A. I. A, Ismail, L.M.S, Zakariah, S. H, A. Razak, N. W

Culinary Arts Vocational Students’ Cognitive Readiness Towards Basic Usage of Internet of Things (IoT)
M.A. Rohiat, R. Rohanai, A. Salim, N.F. Mukhtar

Development of Cooling Tower Teaching Aids with Augmented Reality Element
N. Razali, H. Suhaili, M. Z. Abdul Jalil, N. Baharudin, D. D. Gerijih

Open and Distance Learning (ODL): Challenges perceived by TVET students during Pandemic Covid-19
Rohanai, R., Ahmad, M.F., Abd Mutalib, N.N., Bahruddin, N. & Othman, H.

Relationship between Knowledge with Social Interaction during Online Teaching and Learning among TVET Students in Higher Education Institution
M.D. Abdul Rani, W. H. N Wan Muda, F. Ab Halim, K. Isa

Relationship Between Satisfaction Factors among TVET Students in Online Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic
M.Z. Rozali, H. Abdullah, F.A.N T Yunus.

Relationship of self-regulated online learning and mental health among students of Faculty Technical and Vocational Education, University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia during pandemic Covid-19
S.H. Zakariah, L. M. S. Ismail, N. F. Jumadi, N. A. I. A. Tukiran, N. A. Ahmad.

Assessing the social value of “New Permanent Housing” (Rumah Kekal Baharu) RKB projects in Kg. Kemubu and Kg. Peria, Kuala Krai, Kelantan: An application of Social Return on Investment (SROI)
W.S. Teo, T.W. Seow, I.S.M. Radzuan, S.Mohamed, M.A.N. Masrom, G.K. Goh

A Conceptual Requirements-based Test Case Prioritization Approach to Improve Testing Efficiency 
S. Ahmad, I.E.A. Jalil, N.M.A. Md. Bohari, M. Osman.

MTUN Open Data Framework
Othman Mohd, Siti Nur’asyiqin Ismael, Yahaya Abd Rahim

Determination of Threshold Value in Canny Algorithm for Road Crack Detection
Zuraini Othman, Siti Nur Asiyah Zukfily, Fauziah Kasmin and Sharifah Sakinah Syed Ahmad

An Internet of Thing Based GPS Bus Tracking with Automated Passenger Counting System
S.A.Z Murad, F.A. Bakar, A. Azizan, K.N.A Rani and J. Karim

Medication reminder using QR code to improve self-administration medication adherence in outpatients
Lizawati Salahuddin, Nurul Farahin Irwan Shah, Raja Rina Raja Ikram, Ummi Rabaah Hashim,
Hea Choon Ngo.

A Permissioned Blockchain for Intellectual Property Copyright Protection
Goh Ong Sing, Quek Yao Jing, Yogan Jaya Kumar, Kok Wai Wong, Jimmy Kho

Power Consumption Analysis for Proxy-based Space Saving
Nurul A. Emran, Noraswaliza Abdullah, Nor Hafeizah Hassan

The Student Social Networking Site System (SSNSS): A collaborative tool for teaching and learning
Krismalini Murugan, Noraswaliza Abdullah, Nurul A. Emran, Nor Hafeizah Hassan

Data Visualization Dashboard for Flood Disaster Management: A Review
Zaheera Zainal Abidin, Siti Azirah Asmai, Zuraida Abal Abas, Ahmad Fadzli Nizam Abdul Rahman

Implementation of Multiple Face Detection for Surveillance Systems
W.H.M. Saad, W.S. Chia, Z. Manap, Z.M. Noh, M.S.J.A. Razak.

Development of mobile application for keyless smart lodging
S.F. Pratama, S.K. Subramaniam, M. Esro, A.K. Muda, R. Abd. Samad

Modeling Excessive Screen Time Indicator in Learning Management System During COVID-19 Pandemic
Aziman Abdullah

A Conceptual Framework of SoLoMo Towards Integrated Industrial Revolution Solutions for Melaka Tourism 4.0 Initiatives
Safiza Suhana Kamal Baharin, Wahidah Md. Shah, Zulkiflee Muslim.

MoTIR: A Multi-Objective Framework for Traveler’s Itinerary Recommendations
Wahidah Md Shah, Safiza Suhana Kamal Baharin, Aslinda Hassan.

Deep Learning for Wi-Fi based Human Activity Recognition
Jacky Chen Hsien Chan, Yan Chiew Wong, Ser Lee Loh, Ranjit Singh Sarban Singh, Syafeeza Ahmad Radzi

The Development of a Folklore Inspired PC Role Play Games for Teens: The Legend of Puteri Gunung Ledang
Nur Ain Mohamad Yahaya, Mohd Hafiz Zakaria, Muhamad Haziq Lim Abdullah, Ahmad Naim Che Pee, Mohd Nasruddin Rahman.

Flower of The Sea: A Gamified Tour Experience to Engage and Educate Museum Visitors
Mohammad Al Hakiem Mohd Hemly, Mohd Hafiz Zakaria, Mohd Mawardy Abdullah, Muhamad Haziq Lim Abdullah, Sarni Suhaila Rahim, Mohd Nasruddin Rahman.

Modelling Human Evacuation Egress using Simulation Techniques: A Review
Noor Akma Abu Bakar, Mazlina Abdul Majid

The Effectiveness of Using Synchronous Learning on Social Media to Enhance Classroom Participation in Higher Learning Institutions
Muhammad Syafiq Haron, Mohd Hafiz Zakaria, Muhamad Haziq Lim Abdullah, Ahmad Naim Che Pee, Sarni Suhaila Rahim, Shahril Parumo.

Deep Learning Techniques for Flood Forecasting
Siti Azirah Asmai, Muhammad Hafizi Mohd Ali, Z Zainal Abidin, Zuraida Abal Abas, Nurul Akmar Emran.

Analysis of Melaka tourists’ destinations using k-means clustering
U.S. Muslim, N. Ahmad, Z.I.M. Yusoh, N. Mohamad

SEATROBS: Development of Sealife Travel & Tour Online Booking System Using Usability Theory
Mazita Mokhtar, Nor Hasnul Azirah Abdul Hamid, Nurul Athirah Ahmad Nazri.

SIGMA: A Real-Time Soil and Environment Remote Monitoring for Indoor Garden Management
M. Izham Jaya, M. Arif Amir, Syifak Izhar Hisham, Azlee Zabidi, Mohd Faizal Ab Razak

Peek-A-Boo, Where Are You? A Preliminary Study on Students’ Perception in Using Gamification to Learn ESP
M. S. Z. Abd. Majid, A. A. Abdul Rahim, M. M. Azmat Ali, N. Y. Khamis, Z. A. Zolkepli, R. Ab Rahman

Smart Internet-Of-Medical Things Wearable Watch For Earlier Symptoms Detection, Monitoring And Tracking Of Covid-19 Patients
Naimah Yaakob, Nik Adilah Hanin Zahari, Siti Hajar Bt Abdul Rahman, Riza Nur Arissha Bt Mohd Sabri, Devendran A/L Ramesparan, Siti Nur Aisyah Bt Azara’ai, Mahathir Almashor.

Smart Building: Smart Surveillance Security System
Tan Yi Jie, Kannikka A/P Praset, Muhammad Azwan Sharif bin Hasnan, Nurain binti Zulkefle, Ruzelita Ngadiran, Nur Farhan Kahar

Performance Analysis of Bayesian-based Algorithms for Network Attack Detection
A. Amir, M. Nawir, S.N. Azemi, F. H. Soon, C. B. M. Rashidi

A direct proof of entropy-based directed random walk 
X.H. Tay, Tole Sutikno, Shahreen Kasim, Mohd Farhan Md. Fudzee1, Rohayanti Hassan, C.S. Seah

Combination method for malicious file detection
Muhammad Edzuan Zainodin, Rohayanti Hassan, Zalmiyah Zakaria, Shahreen Kasim

Solution to Renewable Economic Load Dispatch using Pattern Search Algorithm
Jamaluddin Mir, Tole Sutikno, Shahreen Kasim, Hairulnizam Mahdin, Mohd Farhan Md Fudzee

Predictive Maintenance in Oil and Gas Dataset by using Naive Bayes and Gaussian Elimination Method
Alex Goh Chee Hong, Tole Sutikno, Shahreen Kasim

Preparation and Characterization of Polyaniline Emeraldine Base (PANI-EB) Using Langmuir- Blodgett Technique
Siti Amira Othman, Shahidan Radiman

Numerical Simulation of One-Dimensional Solar Cell Model
Boon Yun Seah, Rahifa Ranom, Saidatul Nur Aisyahtun Sakinah Ahmad Jamal

The Significant of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Ozone Depleting Substance For Sustainability Forest Area
N. Latiff, S.S.S. Ahmad, A. Farhani, N.H.Z. Shari

Hygiene and Timeliness of Salted Dried Fish Process using Smart Portable Outdoor Domestic Solar Drying Cabinet (PODSOD)
Saadi Ahmad Kamaruddin, Irnis Azura Zakarya, Emy Ezura A. Jalil, Nor Anis Nadhirah Md Nasir, and Norlinda Mohd Rozar

Deterministic and stochastic model for the effect of Chondroitin Sulfate (CS) in cancer cell
Norhayati Rosli, Farhana Ismail

SWCNT/Al2O3 Hybrid Nanofluid flow on a Stagnation Point with Thermal Radiation Effects
A.M.M. Zaki, M.K.A Mohamed, S.K. Soid, N.F. Mohamad, R. Jusoh

Log Rank Test Regarding Modern Treatment On Heart Failure
Mohd Asrul Affendi Abdullah, Foo Poh Yee, Sabariah Saharan, Siti Afiqah Muhamad Jamil Shahiron Shahidan

Weibull Regression of Survival Rate of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease in Sarawak
Mohd Asrul Affendi Abdullah, Conny Lau Siew Jin, Rohayu Mohd Salleh, Siti Afiqah Muhamad Jamil,Shahiron Shahidan

Effect Of Natural Light Regime And Air Flow on Pleurotus pulmonarius Mycelium During Incubation Period In Sawdust Substrate
Md. Tariqul Islam, Zarina Zakaria, Nasrul Hamidin and Mohd Azlan Mohd Ishak

A Bibliometric Analysis of Used Cooking Oil Purification using Organic Waste
Asriana Ibrahim, Mohd Hafidzal Mohd Hanafi, Nurul Hanim Haji Razak

Antifungal activities of cocktail fungicide between cassia oil and sodium bicarbonate against Penicillium digitatum and its mode of action
N.H.Mohd Salleh, N. Aziz, A.R. Mohamed, S.M.Hong.

Material Selection Of Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites (NFRPCs) Potholes Based On Design Requirements
N. A. H. Hasim, M. F. M. Sabri, N. A. A. N. Aziz

Reaction kinetics for catalytic pyrolysis of empty fruit bunch (EFB) with silica-alumina (SiO2-Al2O3) catalyst: Kissinger and Ozawa methods
A.R. Mohamed, R. Ahmad, N.N. Kasim, N.H.M.Salleh

Thermogravimetric kinetic analysis of powdered and pelletized sawdust under oxidative environment
F.Z. Mansur, C.K.M. Faizal, S.M. Atnaw, S.A. Sulaiman

Kinetic Studies of Oil Extraction from Microalgae Chlorella vulgaris: Free Cell Culture and Immobilized Microalgae
N.Ramesh, N.H.Mat Yasin

Efficient Iron Sequestration from Industrial Wastewater using Iron Oxide Magnetic Nanoparticles
A.H.M. Rizal and N.A. Yazid

Effect of sodium cloisite Na+ nanoparticle in the castor oil on the wax deposition of Malaysian crude oil
N.Ridzuan and W.Y.Bing

Formulation of liquid membrane phase for the extraction of levulinic acid using supported liquid membrane
Vikneswary Rajendaren, Syed M. Saufi, M. A. K. M. Zahari

Transesterification of used frying oil by banana peels waste catalyst for biodiesel production
D.N. Herman, N.Y. Yahya, Z. Mohd Salleh

Investigation on Organic Fouling of Forward Osmosis Membrane Modified by Chemical Grafting
I.A. Mohd Ridhuan, S.N.S. Ab Aziz, M.N. Abu Seman

An Investigation of Interaction Between Water/Oil Surface in Present of Metal Oxide Nanoparticle for Petroleum Production
A. Zulkifflee, M. Z. M. Noor

Synthesis of Liquid Phase Exfoliation Graphene via Green Mixed Solvent Using Homogeniser
K Yusoh, J.J., Law

Effects of Solvents Extraction To The Fish Oil From Fish Waste
F.M. Said, N.S.M. Rapidi, N.S.M. Ibrahim, N.H.M. Yasin

Water Holding Capacity and Water Release Rate of Bacterial Cellulose-Silver Nanoparticles
R. Abu, S. Mohamad, J. Zakaria, S. H. Mortan and N. A. Yah

Gold Nano-morphology Implemented Voltammetry Immunosensing for Factor IX: In Advance Procedure for ‘Christmas Disease’
Iswary Letchumanan, Subash C.B. Gopinath, M.K. Md Arshad, M.F.M. Fathil

Integration of Polydimethylsiloxane Polymer in Interdigitated Electrode for Enhanced Biosensing Aided by Optical Analyses
Santheraleka Ramanathan & Subash C.B. Gopinath

Analysis of zinc (Zn) leaching from stabilized/solidified sample containing rubber sludge waste treated using Ordinary Portland cement and rice hush ash
A L Abdul Rani, N A Rashid, M A H Abdullah, M F Omar

Enzyme assisted citronella oil extraction using coloniser of cymbopogan roots
N.H. Aziz, N.H.M. Salleh, A.M.A.Rahman

Optimization of Fenton Pretreatment Process for the Efficient Recovery of Reducing Sugar from Rice Straw
M.F. Tompang, B.B. Tan